About Olive Television

Olive Television is an anointed Christian channel which impacts the world with the power and the Spirit of God through teaching, preaching and Divine utterances.

Broadcasts to the UK, Europe and Worldwide

Olive Television is a Christian television channel which broadcasts to the UK, Europe and Worldwide. The channel was started by Pastor Paul F. Nkosi in 2011 and has grown tremendously since then.

It is a television with global perception seeking excellence in broadcasting. Olive Television is God’s tool based in London (United Kingdom), bringing the Divine Presence of our Lord Jesus Christ to the nations of the world, as waters cover the earth. Dear friends and brethren, you can access Olive Television programs on every available technology, such as Television, internet, mobile phones, iPhones, IPad and multimedia devices. So far, our television network covers the all of Europe, Africa, the Caribbean, West-Indies countries and some part of Canada

Our Vision

Is to cover the earth with the knowledge of the glory of God by, preaching, teaching and declaring the prophetic word of God to the Nations of the World so that the knowledge of His glory will cover the Earth as waters covers the Earth.

Our Mission

The mission of Olive Television is to utilise technology and broadcasting as a means to help bring about the Great Commission. We work diligently to promote God’s message of love, salvation and redemption. We are committed to bringing relevant programming into the homes of viewers each day in hope that it will touch hearts and change the lives of our viewers. By sharing the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ, we trust to help lead souls to Christ all over the world.


  • To develop innovative Christian television programs that educate, enlighten and inspire.
  • To promote events, such as Christian concerts and theatrical productions, that helps facilitate the coming together and fellowship of Christians from all walks of life.
  • To facilitate training conferences and seminars which help pastors and ministers to become more effective leaders in their churches and communities.